About Andy:

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My name is Andy Seraphin. Welcome to Seraphin Health! This is my story.

I was born and raised in North Jersey. I was interested in healthcare from a pretty early age. My mom and dad (who both immigrated from Haiti) are both in the medical field, so I have always been exposed to healthcare. One summer break during high school, I decided to enter the field myself and become an EMT.

After high school, I moved to the city of Philadelphia to attend Temple University. I majored in Kinesiology (say that 10 times fast), and minored in Healthcare Management and Spanish. I could not have asked for a better four years at Temple. Between the fantastic professors, leading multiple mission trips to Haiti, joining a fraternity, and of course graduating it was undoubtedly the best four years of my life.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to attend the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Duke University starting this fall. I can’t wait to further my education and embody the change I wish to see in the world. My passions in healthcare are:

  • Sports Medicine
  • Fitness and Lifestyle
  • Healthcare Policy

By following my blog, you can learn more about me, my story, and current events in healthcare. Hope you enjoy!


Andy Seraphin


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